Stadia Review


On this page, prepare to get your rock on because we intend to blow your mind every day of the week. This page is going to host our top 10 game reviews which will be curated from hundreds of games played on the Stadia platform.

We are going to be watching Stadia tournaments to see which team is coming up tops as well as monitoring rankings. We will also be having our say on the developers on the Stadia platform and the quality of the games produced.

We will be looking at specific parameters such as latency, graphics quality, game engine, gameplay, multi-player mode as well as cloud online team play as criteria for scoring games.

We have assembled a team of professional gamers who have extensively played games on all the platforms in the gaming industry. This team of professional gamers have played anything from board games such as Dominion to online casino casino games at Casumo UK. This way, they have been exposed to a variety of games that make them highly competitive in their area. When it comes to video games, our experts have been around the block. From the Atari to the Xbox OneS and Playstation Four Pro, we have played it all.

Industry shaping games like Mario, Bios hock, The Last Of Us, Grand Theft Auto Five, and Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, has been played and reviewed by us. But as with all things, we have to scale up. Now we are poised, anticipating the latest offerings from Google with excitement.

We are ready to score these games but we would also give the opportunity for our viewers to rate their games too. Players can rate games and send to us and we would use their opinions to create a "Player Top Ten". You could send us screenshots of your gameplay or upload it to our blog or channel on YouTube and we would be glad to see your takes. So while we wait on Google to launch stadia, you can count on us.