The gaming industry has been rocked to its very foundations after the tech giant Google announced its anticipated cloud gaming service - Stadia. This is a tumultuous announcement, actions which can lead to a catastrophic domino effect of the gaming industry.

Google is ambitious in the sense that it wants to obliterate all the obstacles to gaming by allowing any and every device access to high end games. A lot of Cloud gaming services already abound like PlayStation Now, and Nvidia's own cloud service, but Google's entry makes it the biggest fish in an already big pond filled with big fishes. And that is not all.

The launch of stadia is not just about streaming games. Google intends to go fully armed into this industry with developers both software and hardware to boot as well as an Operating System. Stadia is daunting project which if successful, will annihilate the gaming industry as we know it this bringing an end to console games.

There is a fear, and quite logical too, that Google wants to radicalize this industry just the same way it did with videos on YouTube. But Google has other ideas. The motive for Google is to use Stadia as a platform for more advertising revenue. Players would be able to watch videos of games they live and play instantly through Stadia. But does this look a huge task for Google? Yes. Can Google pull it off? Yes again.

This is because the entry point for Google is to roll out stadia with a bang. While other cloud gaming services have a maximum of delivering 1080 graphics at 60 flops per second, Google is going ahead to run stadia as a full gauntlet on 4K res. Sounds crazy? No.

When you look at Google's wealth of experience in this area, especially leveraging on the over 50 billion hours of game content it has in store via YouTube, you begin to realize this feat is not so impossible after all.

Google is so ambitious; it wants hardcore gamers to jettison their PlayStation, PCs, as well as Xboxes to sign up with stadia. And let's face it; there are some benefits. Rather than swapping up money to buy a high end system or the next gen console for astronomical prices while purchasing game titles for fees that could bankrupt your savings, Google Stadia will operate as a paid subscription.

Players will pay to play without purchasing any console from Google while the developers at Google will keep churning games, improving specs, and fine tuning graphics without waiting for a new launch or update.

As at now, Google has already placed a call for developers to jump in on its cloud gaming initiative and if Android is anything to go by, you can be sure they would. The only obstacle Google is likely to face will be data consumption. And knowing Google, we expect the company to triumph.

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