We are a team of enthusiasts who decided to come together explore the journey of Google Stadia. Our aim is to be the number one resource platform for everything a gamer may need when it comes to this service by Google including best games, best developers, and the rating of Google Stadia in comparison to other cloud game platforms.

Before you know more about Google Stadia, it is pertinent to understand what cloud gaming is all about. Cloud services have come a long way since their inception a few years ago. Back then people could store whatever they need on the cloud so they could carry it along with them wherever they went.

This prompted security companies to offer cloud services to protect your data. Now you could protect data of high value on the cloud so hackers or other malicious users cannot have access to it. One such item is bitcoin. People have discovered how to secure this electronic currency through the cloud to prevent unwarranted access by anyone. But is this what cloud services are all about? No.

The cloud is being used as a means to compensate for performance when it comes to playing games. People no longer need to have high-end gaming rigs to play their favourite games. They could use an ordinary laptop and through the help of cloud services, get access to some of the coolest games on high benchmarks without breaking the bank.

But this is where cloud gaming stops for others.

Not so for Google. With the tech giant stepping into this industry, these are exciting times. Just the same way Google revolutions the mobile software industry for good in bringing out Android, Google has come to change the face of cloud gaming forever by introducing stadia.

Stadia is not just a cloud gaming service. Google has gone into this platform armed with a multitude of developers as well as game designers who would build and develop software, hardware, as well as games for this service.

Our aim is to take you through this journey, by bringing you the latest Stadia developments including the latest Stadia news, the best games created by Google, the top developers in the market, tips on playing Stadia games, how to play stadia games, and the top players on Stadia. There are intriguing times ahead for gamers, and enthusiasts.

So watch this space.